When simple becomes simpleminded?


Every child asks questions. Obtained answers determine, what path he/she will choose and what his/her future will be.

Every citizen asks questions. Obtained answers determine, what party he/she will choose and what his/her future will be.

Every employee asks questions. Obtained answers determine his/her future, but also the future of his company.


You can answer child’s, citizen’s or employee’s questions in a simple – understandable – way, but also very often and above all in a way that broadens his/her horizons.


In case of a child – you can turn on a film, buy icecream, engage it into something colorful, attractive, moving, jumping, buy a smartphone, spin wonderful visions of his/her carrier in the future…*

In case of a citizen – you can offer him a lot of football, some talk shows, rom coms, always with happy endings or stories about uniqueness, resulting from the fact that he/she belongs to such, and no other, nation,…*

In case of an employee – you can offer her a lot of benefits, events, pens or other gadgets, tell him some mumbo jumbo about prosperous future of the company…*

…, only to draw his attention away from uncomfortable questions.


Questions can be uncomfortable for the one being asked, as he/she himself/herself does not know the answers, is lazy, wants to manipulate the one asking questions, or fulfill only his interests, disregarding the interests of the manipulated one.


Manipulator perfectly knows that sense of security is the most important thing for human being. Here and now, but also in the future. Therefore human being asks questions.

Child asks, citizen asks, employee asks.

He/she asks, in order to know, what to do. What actions he/she should take, that would be safe for him/her!

Managing  sense of security of other people means power, and for manipulator there is nothing more beautiful than having this sense of having power over others.


The effect of this power is: INCAPACITATION – of a child, that after many years does not want to grow up, of a citizen that does not feel responsible for his/her fate, employee that only waits for order and does not show any own initiative. In other words – infantilization of a grown man.

Hence, no wonder that child, „spoiled” with obtained answers, „spoiled” citizen, „spoiled” employee, in fact – all of them – manipulated, end in a completely different situation than they have expected – they are even more scared and expect even more simple answers to their fears.

And there is only one thing left – „Internet (…), where everyone finds confirmation for his/her view of the world. (…) Consensus? Impossible. Compromise? Boring. Facts? Each truch has its own carpenter.” (Stefan Kornelius, Süddeutsche Zeitung”, 11.09.16)

Apart from all the reasons of communicators in particular companies – lack of knowledge, own laziness, order from the top – further participation in an international contest on employee manipulation, where competition is only about exaggerated and bizarre forms, is not worthy of a true communication’s expert.

Such communication is not simple, but simpleminded!


Because manipulation is not an answer to constantly growing complexity of this world, as well as complexity of conditions that determine company’s survival in the age of digitalization.

Of course, including the experts as well!

* “Entertainment fosters the resignation which seeks to forget itself in enter­tainment” wrote Max Horkheimer and Theodor W. Adorno in “Dialectic of Enlightment”.

Vivien Leigh as Blanche DuBois in “A Streetcar Named Desire”, based on T.Williams play