Pavlov’s dogs or psychopaths – how did Management Boards became An Order of Lost Company’s Redeemers



Probably only 1‰ CEOs and managers will understand this text.

  1. Because they can’t – atavism of social media (clicking, touching, cheap recognition) brings human mind into perish. Transforms a thinking human being into Pavlov’s dog.
  2. Because they don’t want to – psychopaths.

Very quickly, large companies have turned away from multi-dimensional analysis to a very narrow, one-dimensional process of conclusion making – therefore these conclusions were mainly false. Suddenly CEO / manager could only understand linear relations (if A, then B; if B, then C; if C, then D, etc.).

And in an even larger (almost supersonic) pace, these primitive linear relations, containing more than two elements, were not longer understood, nor even perceived by this crème de la crème of the management team.

One-dimensional thinking is a tragedy in itself, but this tragedy has transformed, also very quickly, in a complete catastrophe.

Nowadays, on this management level, one can understand only “if A, then B” relations.


It is a completely atavistic reaction.

Reaction that occurs when reality completely surpasses one’s intellectual capabilities.

Manuals and operating instructions are perceived as a last resort in managing this complete whorehouse. Yes, they make sense, when the world is pretty well structured, but not in the one that is mad and complicated.

Manuals seem  to organize everything. In the same way that solving crosswords seems to increase IQ and to train memory.

Pavlov’s dogs or psychopaths – how did Management Boards became An Order of Lost Company’s Redeemers 2

Hence, millions of meetings in companies, that change one manual to another, and another, another one.

It’s the labor of Sisyphus.


Manuals always complicate this shit even more.

And it will always be like this – if you follow the shortcut.

If an uncomfortable (for whatever reason) way of thinking will be replaced by: a standard – a manual – a procedure.

Standard that, because of its nature, in this complicated world, simply cannot succeed.

Why then executives demand such solution that in such obvious way leads to nowhere?

And this is how we go back to the start.

All social media platforms, without any exception, on which managers go completely crazy, looking for recognition in different communities, are built on a basis of PAVLOV’S DOG rule: behavior – reward. And so, these deluded, atavistic managers manage their companies, thinking that, if they find this dog’s world so attractive, then also the herd they are in charge of will find it attractive as well.

The complexity of the world we live in has increased at least a dozen times in the last decade. At the same time, financial and system expenditures on high quality knowledge and skills have stunningly decreased.

You live by the sword and you die by the sword.

Or in this case: you live by stick, you die by your own stupidity.

The former was knightly.

The latter is simply foolish.

And that’s good!

Because the world simply can’t operate in this way any longer.


PS. The above text, explaining the stunning pace of management becoming atavistic, doesn’t base on the author’s assumption, but on hundreds of scientific research reports, analyzed by him and his co-workers.

In many situations even animals are nowadays wiser than some CEOs or managers, because they rely not only on rewards (whatever they would be) and react in a more deliberate, strategic way.

This text won’t help such managers – it is very much too late for them, but maybe it can be some guidance for those that haven’t reached the complete bottom.

Unless they are psychopaths – they obviously have strategies, unfortunately – only for own success.

Managers with such personalities were eagerly hired in the previous years.

Only getting rid of such “types” from their positions will help here – what already is happening in some corporations, under the pressure of main investors.