Monika Sawka, Training&Development Manager at HCL Technologies for GFMP: Employee First Customer Second – fiction or reality?


Can it work or it is only wishful thinking? Let the employees speak. What does EFCS mean to you and how does it facilitate your job?

For me EFCS does not mean that the customer is not important. The key idea is that it is not the customer that adds value to the business but it is the employee; thus by increasing my engagement, the company will stimulate me to perform better and achieving greater customer satisfaction.
Michele Restano, IT Analyst

Employee First, Customer Second is more than a motto, it is a philosophy empowering employees to have a voice in a big corporation environment. This is achieved through the usage of tools like 360Degrees Feedback which allows complete transparency of management. Also, Value Portal is there to allow employees to add their creative, smart and value add ideas that can benefit both the customer and HCL not only monetarily, but also in terms of performance. Ultimately the goal is to make employees feel valued because without them there is basically no customer.
Bastien Hugon, Service Manager

Employees First, Customers Second – a Philosophy that makes HCL one of a kind. Nobody looks down on another, everybody is equal regardless of the position, knowing that we work together to deliver customer delight. One of few companies that actually take into consideration the needs and circumstances surrounding each individual, knowing it is the key to success.
Manuela Zunderer, IT Analyst

The Employee Firs” idea allowed me to create trust relationships inside the teams I’ve already joined. In such environment people are more open to develop and also to cooperate with their colleagues. I can see that those things make the atmosphere friendly and also team work more efficient which on the other hand have positive influence on the way people provide the service: they are more patient, willing to help and have better contact with the client.
Wioleta Gębska, Shift Lead

After being 1.5 years with HCL I can admit that company’s philosophy goes along with everyday routine work. My expectations, as employee, are met and despite what people might say about working in Corporation, in case of HCL you do feel great support and care from the company.
Dmytro Lisicki, IT Analyst

EFCS encourages our teams to take maximum ownership and responsibility at work. That approach helps to realize the potential of our teams, ensures the implementation of very pragmatic solution (Yes! it is the line staff who knows the best how the business really functions) while providing added value to the customers.
Piotr Dziewoński, Service Manager

What EFCS gives me?
– Feeling valued as an individual in such a large organization as HCL ;
– Higher comfort level as it is an innovative approach within Polish labor market;
– Boosted confidence due to the constant support provided by my supervisors.
Sebastian Niedzielski, PMO

From my perspective, EFCS creates culture in HCL which emphasizes performance, freedom, and responsibility. An important part of EFCS is the family model which is about building a trust based environment. Being into Recruitment team of HCL, EFCS gives me excellent opportunity to showcase HCL culture to potential employees as unique selling point which no other company offers to candidates.
Vineet Pancholi, Recruitment Manager

In EFCS Employees are empowered to provide their own inputs and experiences to develop the growth of our business. Employee’s interests and satisfaction come before contractual agreements. Happy employees lead to effective management and consequently world class IT Services.
Tiago Amador, Technical Lead

Seems EFCS can work and it is something more than a slogan only. The key thing is to realize how it works in practice but let’s leave it to be discussed during the presentation at face 2015 conference.

Monika Sawka, Training&Development Manager at HCL Technologies for GFMP: Employee First Customer Second - fiction or reality? 3  Monika Sawka, Training&Development Manager at HCL Technologies for GFMP: Employee First Customer Second - fiction or reality? 4
Monika Sawka, Training & Development Manager, HCL Technologies

„Employee First, Customer Second” will be discussed at face 2015. Along with Monika Sawka we will hear Trevor Rulton, General Manager and Beata Kossakowska, HR Head, Group Manager – HR

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