¡Close all communication departments!



True corporate communication means establishing and maintaining a valuable dialogue with all target groups important for the success of the company.

This is how the purpose of the existence of a communication department in each company can be briefly defined in one sentence. In order to achieve this goal in a meaningful way, a well-thought-out and then multidimensionally structured communication strategy is required.

I absolutely do not mean here the so-called pseudo-strategies, built on pseudo-table and manual pseudo-assumptions, offered on the market by also pseudo-, because self-appointed experts in communication.

This practice could be briefly described as a supply of cheap excel alibi for the annual evaluation of directors and communication directors.

The effect of such strategies is only a lot of tools with one-way, usually nonsensical messages.

I do not know of a single company in Poland, which in its communication with social media – the main, if not the only, tube, because it is not its own communication channel – would provide at least trace evidence of having a complex strategy, indeed, at least a communication plan. If such a strategy exists, then I would very much like to ask for it to be made public.

In recent weeks I have conducted several experiments on LinkedIn.

I tried, among others, referring to the messages I found, to establish a dialogue on the topics published there, among others, with PGE, DHL or BZ WBK, soon Santander. Only the last one answered, but only occasionally and completely not on the subject.

I am convinced that if I tried with other companies, the effect would be the same. Why am I so convinced about this? Because for years I have been observing the communication of companies dwarfing. I have written a lot about this phenomenon, as well as about its causes, and about its various aspects, and the last experiment showed only directly, because tangibly, how bad it is.

One-way – non-dialogue – announcing uninteresting to anyone nonsenses, it is just informative littering of the world. Such communication brings as much for mankind and the company as floating plastic for fish and the sea.

The final conclusion: Communication (PR) departments, which neither know nor perform their functions and roles, are only a heavy cost burden for companies and do more harm than good.

Therefore, my effective advice, for both the cost structure and the success of your company, is:

Immediately close all communication (PR) departments.

Q.S. Is the complete communication/ ignorant* worth over PLN 300,000 annually?

For this sum one can have a couple of first-class communication strategies, which really deserve to be called the one and which can easily be implemented by one or two average specialists.

¡Close all communication departments! 2

  • Ignorant is a person who does not have basic knowledge in a given field.


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