Breakdown! Communication departments closed until further notice.



“Close the communication departments” was my appeal, which I published two weeks ago.

It seems that I was deeply mistaken, because these departments are already closed and it seems that it has been for a long time.

At my request, boasting about their strategy, not a single communication director answered. Not a single one undertook a dialogue on the charges of permanent intellectual inaction.

It can be supposed, when analysing the way in which the said departments have operated in recent years, that they did not even say goodbye to their customers, either inside or outside the company, before this shutdown.

That is why I propose that you take this opportunity, and you are able to do so, you may publish at least this letter in your companies:


Dear Colleagues,

You have certainly noticed for a long time that I and my department, practically speaking, do nothing.

Well, except for the fact that we cover you with pseudo-information, because banals are of no interest to anyone and you do not need them for anything.

You also know perfectly well that your thoughts, opinions and feelings do not care about us at all, what you see with these surveys, which we seem to be doing regularly and after them nothing happens. Therefore, you will surely understand that we cannot even have a pale idea of what is important to you. Don’t worry, we are not interested in what the environment around us thinks about us too.

You certainly have a question why is it that?

Often, you know that, in such situations, you either are not able, or do not want, or you cannot.

In our case, it so happened that, all three of these reasons affect us.


We are not able to, because for a long time we have not been adapting our knowledge and skills to the economic or social requirements of the times, unless as education it counts looking for copies to follow, that is, what other companies have already done somewhere, under completely different conditions. Based on untrue priorities, examples inadequate to our situation, massive abuse of communication instruments, ignoring the needs of target groups, we go only for the number of actions, because their quality – effectiveness – does not interest anyone anyway. Some would call it a pretence. O.K. Well, at least we are able to do that. But, for how!

We do not want to, because why? We achieve fulfilment and confirmation, both personal and professional, through the many fairy tales of friendly circles of mutual adoration, whose members do nothing, the same as we do. The sense of our existence and activity is completely indifferent to us, we do not have any ambitions. We are also emotionally indifferent.

We can’t, because top management, because the system doesn’t allow us, but as if we were allowed to, then ho, ho. Then we could even move (these) mountains.

Well, now you know everything, if you look at this letter, accustomed for centuries to the fact that so normally, there is no reason for it.

But please, be a little fair in your assessment.

Does this letter, for the first time, provide true and comprehensive information?

Information about the reasons why we decided to lock the door to our department long ago, and only now, in a moment of honesty and willingness to build true trust, we hung out a banner with the inscription: Breakdown! – closed until further notice?

And so, for the first moment in many years, our department will do something effective and… impressive.

We will save you our view. A sight of hard-working people, busy, having no time, superhumanly sacrificing themselves – really for nothing, because for no one.


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