New quality of leadership – allied in the face of nonsense we save our workplaces in the near future


You don’t have to put a lot of intellectual effort to understand, what is happening today. Cyborg-managers are being replaced with computers, what means that they are losing and they will be losing their jobs. The only way that saves their asses in this situation is coming back to the „human qualities” of a manager.

Employees, managers, experts everyday observe, experience and unfortunately co-create a number of phenomena that seem absurd, not serving actual results, not on the individual level, nor on the team level or organizational one.

You can list among them:

  • Extended bureaucracy that creates an illusion of safety of having everything under control;
  • Increasing the number of ineffective meetings under many names, and at the same time having no time for actually important meetings between the managers and his employees;
  • Requiring high level of employee engagement, that should be launched only by the vision of achieving results;
  • Rituals of planning and budgeting that paralyze the entire organizations for months;
  • Extended reporting systems that nobody can really analyze well and actually use wisely, etc.

These are only a few examples, I am sure that each reader of this post could unfortunately expand this list freely and without an end.

The number and the scale of this absurdity increases even more, as, although the socio-economic contexts of organizations have changed very much in the past few years, the organizations, themselves in the process of many  complex changes, still function according to the good-ol’ mechanisms. Old, meaning those that were working in stable and predictable circumstances.

And that brings the question: why, despite many implemented changes, the great amount of time and effort of many people invested in them, nothing changes?

And we could cite Thomas Mann: it’s the same there and here; before as now and after.

Nothing or not much is changing, because in the case of majority of companies’ actions, if they are, are taken only in one area. Or, if they are taken in more than one area, then usually they are not linked to each other. And for the organization to advantageously transform into a really modern one, reacting quickly and swiftly to unpredictable reality, with sharpened perspective on the market events, it needs to take interdependent actions from many angles.

And that means that managers, HR and Communication experts should unite with each other.

How this alliance should look like?

They should unite around an idea of making their organization a dynamically and reasonably functioning organism, with the customer in the spotlight. And such rational alliance should result in an effective company functioning, with results as its natural effect.

Another important result of reasonable organization’s functioning, with nonsense eradicated, is creating such environment, in which one can operate wisely and with satisfaction. And, at least for the last reason, it is worth to take such oriented effort and become more capable. Particularly because it’s the only possibility for anyone that doesn’t want to follow the main current of nonsense, who doesn’t want to become a cyborg, that like his colleagues has given up and mindlessly follows the procedures, loosing himself or herself in the absurd of actions leading to nowhere.

Besides, you don’t have to put too much intellectual effort to understand what is happening today – managers-cyborgs are being replaced with computers, which means that they are losing and they will be losing their jobs.

The only way that saves managers own ass in this situation, is to go back to his “human traits” that still count and that will still count. They are: (multi-dimensional) thinking, empathy, but also avoiding completely imitation that is so popular today and usually means imitating techniques, cheap self-help guides or cheap ready-to-use trainings – so-called simple truths. Because every man should finally understand that not everything he/she considers as (a simple) truth, is actually true. Well, actually each grown up knows it. Because deep in his/her heart he/she is aware that if there is something worth fighting for, it always requires some effort.

And, as the quality of organizations functioning depends mainly on the quality of management, this alliance should mainly concentrate around the concept of management style.

Managing is the most important grease in each organization and the basis of its vitality.

Current concept of management should take into account everything that is necessary for smooth functioning in the face of unpredictable and highly changeable circumstances, including:

  • Maintaining a coherent direction in the entire organization
  • Creating conditions for high flexibility and agility
  • Improving executiveness
  • And removing monopolies to make place for aligned interdepartmental cooperation.

These are some kind of pillars of today’s management. The authors of this kind management should be managers that take responsibility, have very good basis (high quality knowledge) for multi-dimensional thinking and ability to process it and convert it into business results. The exact opposite to the managers that expect to receive ready-to-apply steps of functioning in each situation and that want to learn techniques, which they can later mindlessly use. As one of the greatest authorities in management in German-speaking countries said:

„simple, verified solutions are pseudoscientific brain infection”.

And going back to the alliance of managers, HR and Communication experts, managers will be more effective in their wise management and making organization more capable, the better quality of support they will get from HR and Communication experts.

For HR it means implementing such solutions that support adopted management directions, but also significantly improving their own competences in management, in order to offer valuable recommendations to the managers in their everyday dilemmas.

For Communication the alliance means adopting certain priorities regarding communicated content, but also supporting managerial communication.

Such alliance of powers and orienting actions at wise management that responds to current challenges, should be a sieve to filter all the nonsense – meaning all these activities that are inconsistent with adopted direction for the management and do not build capable organization, therefore do not contribute to it’s real results.

Those that will join this coalition of managers, HR and Communication, have a chance to fight not only for a better organization, but also for themselves, developing skills that will be important in the future, and finally – to save their own asses, without doing any favors for anybody, at most for oneself.