face 2017 small

21st International Conference face 2017
Digitalization = Transformation = Communication

September 26-28 2017, Warsaw

face 2017 IS:

  • Conference focused on internal communication
  • New and inspiring ideas presented by Polish and foreign practitioners
  • Case studies presenting effective solutions
  • Introducing workshop session – ensuring essential, future-oriented development
  • Forum for experiences exchange and networking for communications practitioners


  • 1-Klein
  • 2-Cisco
  • 3-Eaton
  • 4-Ge
  • 5-Hbreavis
  • 6 Maersk 1
  • 7-Mbank
  • 8-Mbank
  • 9-Mellon
  • 99-Mellon
  • 10-Tim
  • 11-Tim

THE TOPIC OF face 2017


DIGITALIZATION requires TRANSFORMATION in ways, in which companies operate internally.

Such transformation will not succeed without COMMUNICATION.

Internal communication needs to achieve the following effects among its three crucial target groups:

  • SENIOR EXECUTIVES: Understanding the challenges for the company and management resulting from digitalization / Elaborating a clear expectation towards the organization / Creating an inspiring story for employees
  • MANAGERS: Transitioning to the new management style that bases on highly developed social competences / Becoming a role model and a face for challenges in the company
  • EMPLOYEES: Understanding challenges / Trust towards executives / Supporting changes in the company that they perceive as attractive also for them

It means that current communication dilemmas regarding digitalization are:

  • How to lead the conversation about the digitalization in my company?
  • How to convince executives that value is built in a completely different way than it was before?
  • How to show employees that it’s about a completely different change?
  • How to reduce fears and tension that destroy cooperation among employees?

and finally:

  • How, instead of being an observer, become an actor – a person that supports company during the times determining its fate?


  • Orientation in a crucial trend – digitalization

  • Broadening experience by learning about Polish and foreign companies’ case studies

  • The latest world class knowledge

  • Occasion for networking in an exclusive group

  • Competitive advantage